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Here's a small backstory I quickly typed out about the first character I plan to play, once the game starts, and whose journal we'll be following. I have yet to decide on his looks, as I want to play around with the character creation. Also, being from a Nordic country myself, the whole Blonde/Blue Eyes thing gets boring quickly, since it's about as unique as a LEGO block around these parts. Funny thing is that my real name would be a great Skyrim name, since it's properly nordic (in fact, two of my four names are straight from viking times) but it irks me a little bit to see, plus I prefer my gamer-name. Anyway, on with it:

Name: Zinn
Race: Nord
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Profession: Battlemage
Hometown: Bruma

Proficiencies: Maces, various types of magic.

Born and raised in Bruma, Zinn lived a fairly normal life, helping his parents run their magic shop. His father, a renowned fighter back in the day, trained Zinn in the peculiar style of dual-wielding maces. It is a fighting style that requires a very offensive mindset, as defensive capabilities are limited and blocking is difficult. One day, Zinn found out that he also possessed magical skills while playing around with some spells in the back of the shop: He accidentally summoned an imp, which wreaked havoc in the storage, and despite his training with maces he was unable to kill it quickly. When hearing the ruckus, his father rushed in and took care of the imp.

Upon hearing that Zinn was able to cast the spell from memory, rather than using a scroll, his parents decided that he must venture to their homeland, Skyrim, and join the College of Winterhold for proper training. Magic can be dangerous when you can't control it and accidents when trying to cast a spell can be very serious in nature, harming innocents along with the caster. The reason why his parents decided to send him to Skyrim is that the Mages Guild was dissolved after the Oblivion Crisis and that joining either Synod or the College of Whispers could be politically charged and force their child to make choices he shouldn't have to. Besides, Zinn possessed some of his father's fighting skills and could certainly take care of a few stray wolves on his journey to Winterhold.

On his way to Skyrim, in a village near the border, Zinn ran into a girl named Sif: She was actually an old friend of his who used to live in Bruma but chose to move close to the Skyrim border, so she'd be able to visit her family in a small village a few miles into the neighbouring country. It turned out that she was heading into Skyrim and asked if Zinn would provide an escort, so they could catch up on what has happened in the last few years. Zinn accepted and they set out for Skyrim.

Short before the actual border, the two of them were attacked by 5 bandits who had crossed into Cyrrodil. Zinn and Sif did a good job of fighting them off, Zinn using his maces and summoning, while Sif used her bow. Suddenly, an arrow zipped past Zinn and struck Sif in the head, killing her instantly. Enraged by the death of his friend, Zinn finished off the second-to-last bandit and chased after the archer, crossing into Skyrim. Unfortunately, the archer had reached the border patrol and told the harrowing tale of how Zinn had slaughtered his friends and Sif, the girl they were escorting to Cyrrodil. In a turn of events no one could have expected, the remaining bandit was from a neighbouring village to Sif's and knew her name and routines. Thus the guards took his words over Zinn's and brought him in, scheduled to be executed.

Zinn now needs a way to escape, find the bandit behind his execution and to get into the College of Winterhold to control his magical talents. He knows the latter is possible, as no one in Skyrim knows who he is, but the first two will be tricky. However, an opportunity to escape might just present itself on the day of his execution...

Yeah, I'm not exactly a stellar writer, since English is my second language (well, technically 4th, but Swedish and Norweigan barely count - at least for reading). Also, as a sidenote, I'll keep his journal in purple and my OOC stuff in black, for easy distinction. I might still screw around with the blog, as I just set it up, but I hope I'll remember keeping it up.

And yes, I'll add a picture of my character when I have made him :)

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  1. Actually I'm of the opinion that was very well written, so I'm looking forward to reading more :)
    Also, I like how you're using different text colors for in- and out of character writing, good idea.