Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Preload available!

Well, I simply wanted to announce that preloading is well on its way on Steam. That and throw my loose concept for a second character out there while I'm here:

Name: Chrysanta
Race: Imperial
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Profession: Paladin
Skill focus: Heavy armor, Block, One-hander, Restoration, Smithing, Enchanting.

Chrysanta, born and raised in the Imperial city, comes from a well-off but not particularly prominent family. Her father is a merchant and her mother is a former soldier in the Imperial army, giving her a firm basis when it comes to fighting and diplomacy. She has always wanted to be a Paladin, also known as a Crusader, because she believes that magic should be used for healing and that the Empire must regain its lost strength.

She joined the army when she was 16 years old, where she underwent the same rigerous training her mother did. She is quite skilled with both mace and sword, while also being quite good at blocking with a shield. She was stationed in Chorrol, a fairly quiet area, where she picked up smithing and enchanting, since a good warrior knows how to maintain his or her gear and that Paladins should know how to infuse magic to their weapons. The undead won't slay themselves, after all, and it's quite easy to get stuck in areas where a professional blacksmith and enchanter isn't around.

While she doesn't have any hatred for most of the undead, as they are simply cursed, it is an important part of her job to rid the world of them. This world is meant for the living, not the dead, and she has often accompanied archeologists or provided assistance to adventurers who enter areas that likely contain old tombs. One day, she returned to her station and found a brand new set of orders: A civil war has broken out in Skyrim and the Empire doesn't wish to have yet another region seccede, especially one with such wealth and power. Thus she and some fellow soldiers stationed in Chorrol were ordered to go to Solitude, an Imperial bastion in Skyrim, as reinforcements.

They set out for Skyrim but it wasn't long until they were set upon by rebels. Unable to defeat the rebels, she was captured and scheduled for execution. Hopefully she will find a way out of that situation, as she doesn't wish to dissapoint her parents by being captured and killed so easily.

Well, I was a bit bored and given the many undead we've seen in the trailers, I wanted to do a proper paladin who would heal the injured and slay the undead. Of course, this journal will still be about my other character but it's fun to post other concepts as well :P 

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